Mini Strip Bundles

A 2 x 14 inch powder coated metal or stainless steel display strip in a variety of colors. Includes a set of Magnaclipz.

Show off your figures on a cool magnetic strip display board! The board is 2 x 14 inch in powdercoated metal, or stainless steel. Includes 6 Magnaclipz™ in the size of your choice. Magnaclipz make display changes easy.

*Figures not included.

Available in: black, white, red, and stainless steel.

Wall mounting hardware included.

**Please let us know what size Magnaclipz you need by choosing the size in the dropdown menu.

*Figures not included.

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Magnaclipz Sizes

Toy Type Size
Star Wars® Clone Wars™ S
Marvel® S
Marvel® Universe M
GI Joe™ M
GI Joe™ Renegades
Halo™ L
Justice League Unlimited™ M
DC Universe™ M
Pez® Dispensers
Star Wars® Vintage
Star Wars® POTF M
Marvel Legends™ 6 inch L
4 inch to 6 inch Figures L

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